As I mentioned on the home page, I’m in Oak Ridge, TN, for a year.  When I found out I was to go on this adventure–one where I would be able to spend a year messing around with paint and glue and paper–I was ecstatic.  When I arrived in our new, temporary home, I spent several weeks arranging a room with tables and supplies for making books.  The day came when I decided it was time to produce something (call it art, if you will), and all of a sudden, that year seemed like a gaping chasm that I had no idea how to fill.  All the great ideas I had while anticipating this year vanished.  I was facing the proverbial blank canvas.  The empty page.  I found plenty of excuses to avoid doing what I so anticipated only a couple months earlier.  Isn’t that the irony inherent in human nature!

Slowly, the ideas and inspiration have returned.  More importantly, focus and self-control are growing stronger.  So I’m committing photos and time to this blog in order to have a form of accountability–to myself and the many friends who have encouraged me along the way.

I dearly wish to see book arts bloom here and everywhere!    I’m sharing this blog for friends at home and abroad.  May it inspire you to learn something new, practice the skills you have and share what you do with those around you!

I consider myself an artist, a crafter, a hobbyist and many other things, but what I call myself doesn’t matter.  It’s what I do that makes me happy.  My wish for you is to find your passion.  Find yourself.

Art is as important to the soul as food is to the body.

Barbara M.